So why would I have a colonic?

Some people find that colonics can assist in overcoming symptoms of constipation, diarrhoea, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, stress, over processed diet, headaches, migraines, back pain, haemorrhoids, parasites, skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, colitis, arthritis, diverticulosis, depression, intestinal distress, irregularity of bowel movements and allergies.

How do I know if my colon is not releasing efficiently?

People who are stressed & uptight often suffer from inefficient elimination. Some signs & symptoms of a toxic colon are – coated tongue, bad breath, grey complexion, abnormal body odour, dark circles under the eyes, cold hands and feet, brittle nails and hair, Saggy posture (pot belly), tension, fatigue, allergies, indigestion, chronic headaches, irritability, nervousness, nausea, depression, asthma, and backaches. 

Is Colonic Hydrotherapy Safe?

My Colonic is owner operated, with a Certificate of Colon Therapy (ACHSA), Advanced Training Certificate Colonic irrigation (GPACT) & current 1st Aid L1 & 2. 

My Colonic therapist is an experienced caring professional. The water pressure and temperature is controlled by The therapist throughout the entire treatment. 

My Colonic is Closed Method Colonic Hydrotherapy, so it is a safe and effective tool for achieving and maintaining optimum health.

Hygiene is our highest priority. The tubing & speculum is plastic and fully disposed of after each treatment. The equipment and clinic comply with Victorian Health Regulation Standards and is registered and visited annually by Camberwell's city council, the municipality of Boroondara

How will I feel after the colonic?

After multiple colonics, or even after the first colonic, many people experience better health, more energy, improved sleeping patterns, less headaches, some weight loss, the list is endless and unique to each client. Clients often come out of the session stunned with the feeling of relief, lightness & cleanliness.

As the body goes through a detoxification process during a colonic, some people feel tired after a colonic, & the bowel continues to cramp. This is very normal and a good indication that the body has started to remove toxins. This feeling should pass by the following day.

Will the colonic hurt, will I feel pain?

No. It isn't painful. A colonic is just warm filtered water gently washing in & out of the bowel. At times during the session the bowel can cramp. The cramping peaks & ebbs. Cramping does not last for the entire session. The feeling can be compared to the cramping you experience during diarrhoea. Abdominal massage helps greatly with this cramping.

Is it messy & smelly?

No. My Colonic uses closed machine technology. One of the many benefits of having a colonic with a closed machine is the water enters through a tube and the waste exits through a tube, so there is no mess & no smell. My Colonic also use 100% beeswax candles that are lightly scented with aromatherapy.

Why is colon hydrotherapy better than taking laxatives?

Laxatives are irritants to the body. The body identifies it and quickly tries to evacuate it out of the body producing a thin watery stool and leaves behind impacted faeces and waste on the walls of the colon. Some Clients have even taken medication in preparation for a colonoscopy only to find when they are awaken after the colonoscopy that despite all the nasty preparation liquids, they are still blocked & the colonoscopy camera revealed nothing . A colonic is a gentle way to evacuate the old putrefied debris, gas and mucous. By using body temperature, purified water to flush the colon clean, you will provide hydration unlike with laxatives that can dehydrate.

How often should I have a colonic?

The number of sessions varies from person to person depending on your goals, medical and intestinal background, and current lifestyle. For a general detox, expect to take between 3-6 sessions initially.For constipation 6 to 8 session . It is highly recommended to have follow ups at monthly intervals.

What should I eat in preparation for a colonic?

Water, water, water. Increase water intake by 2-3 Litres. 
Increase your intake of raw, fresh, whole fruits and vegetables before and after a cleanse. Use a juicer or a nutri bullet at least twice a day. Reduce red meat & dairy. Avoid processed foods, alcohol, fried foods, bread and desserts, as they can slow digestion and produce too much gas.Try spelt, corn, oats and brown rice. 

What should I eat after a Colon Hydrotherapy session?

Following large intestinal cleansing, the body may feel weary or relaxed. This is simply your body working out and processing through its cleaning period; so proper rest is important for your body to rejuvenate. After receiving Colon Hydrotherapy, My Colonic advise to drink plenty of liquids (purified or distilled water, juices, herb teas, and electrolyte liquids). Eat blended soups, risotto, and or use a nutri bullet. Avoid eating raw vegetables for a couple of days. Steamed vegetables and raw fruit are sufficient, chew very thoroughly. Reduce flesh consumption (especially beef, pork and chicken). And avoid alcohol for 24 hours after a colonic.

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Can colonics cause the bowel to stop functioning on its own?

No.Colon hydrotherapy retrains the muscle of the bowel to regain strength. The bowel muscle is forced to work against the water, providing resistance much like a weight provides resistance against a muscle in body building. After the bowel has regained strength, it works better on its own. Colonic’s are like “colon aerobics”.

Will a colonic disturb beneficial bowel flora?

No. Having a colonic has a similar effect on bowel flora as having multiple healthy bowel movements. Removing the toxic waste from your bowel creates a healthy environment for good bacteria to multiply.

At the end of your colonic, you receive a wellness electrolyte drink including a high strength probiotics to encourage the multiplication of good bacteria & to rebalance your electrolyte level.

Should I cancel my colonic when my period is due?

No. Your body is already detoxing when on your period. Combining another form of detox, colonics, often help reduce the bloating, headaches and cramping that many women suffer with whist having a period.

Can I have a colonic if I am pregnant?

No. My Colonic does not recommend you have a colonic if you are pregnant, as the detoxification process can stir up toxins within the body.

What are the contraindications for Colon therapy?

Kidney disease, Recent (in the previous two months) bowel, stomach operations & giving birth.
Severe Anorexia, Extremely High Blood Pressure, Severe Arteriosclerosis, Undiagnosed Abdominal Pain, current Nausea and Vomiting, Colon Cancer, Severe untreated Haemorrhoids, Crohn’s Disease that is in a inflamed state, severe ulcerations, Stricture of the anus and weakening of the bowel wall.

If in doubt always confer with your Doctor.
Any serious health issues must be disclosed before treatment commence.

Anyone who is afraid or anxious of colonic treatments?

Fear does not put you in the proper frame of mind for colonics. Strong emotions, such as fear, are known to alter the body's physiological processes. It can shut down certain bodily functions, cause the heart to race & generally make the body uncomfortable. It also is a closed emotional state. Someone embarking on a series of colonic should be relaxed and confident, and feeling open to the positive changes colonics can creates.

Can I work after the colonic?

Yes. Many people book in for a colonic in their lunch break.
Some people experience tiredness after a colonic due to the detoxification process. My Colonic recommend that for 24 hours after the colonic, the client does not engage in strenuous exercise, make time to slow down and allow the body to begin to recover.

How many sessions do I need?

Every client is different, My Colonic recommend a minimum of 3 colonics over 1 to 2 weeks. It always takes several colonics to remove old waste & parasites. 

For people with constipation, My Colonic recommend between 6-8 colonics over a 4 – 6 weeks & then monthly colonics to retrain the bowel to release more regularly.

My Colonic offer a package to help you save money if you purchase multiple sessions.

What is a Closed Colonic Machine?

There are two methods of Colonic Irrigation available in Melbourne, the Closed Method and the Open Method. My Colonic offer the Closed Method. This means the colonic machine is fully assisted, & therapist operated. Some clinics offer the Open System, which is unassisted. There is no therapist to control water pressure, temperature & monitor the session. 

Two more important difference is in open colonics you do not receive abdominal massage, nor do you get the necessary feedback which can only be given upon observation of your session.

Be aware of what method you are booking in for when getting a colonic.

Some Naturopaths only recommend the Closed Method as it is the safest and most effective way to cleanse the bowel.

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